Year 1: Paddington: Welcome back

Good morning Paddington class, I hope you had a lovely Easter break with your families and enjoyed the sunshine. I enjoyed the sun a bit too much and got quite sunburnt in the first week. I have now made sure I always have sun cream in my house!!

If we were at school we would start by sitting in a big circle and sharing our holidays news.

In the Easter holidays I went on a lot of walks with my dog Ruby, she is very much enjoying me being at home more.  I spent lots of time facetiming my friends and family that I would normally visit in the holidays. I have been enjoying lots of chocolate in the holidays and Paddington and I have made lots of cakes. We might look a little larger when you next see us!! Paddington loved making a delicious sponge cake with jam and buttercream icing but I liked making chocolate rice crispy cakes because they were the tastiest.

Can you tell someone in your house what you did in the Easter holidays and what was your favourite part? Remember to use words such as because and but. Can you try to vary the way you start your sentence? If you would like and it is possible, have a go at typing what you did in the holidays into an email for me to read. 

The work for this week is now on the onenote. There is English, Maths, Reading and Phonics to complete each day. Under the section ‘topic’ there is a grid of things that you can choose to do at home if you would like. Additionally there are some other topic ideas on that page.

Please remember to email me with how you are getting on and I would love to hear your Easter news.


Hope you had a lovely Easter and I miss you all!


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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