Good Morning Mozart!

Good morning everyone!

I was very busy yesterday evening practising my times tables on TTR and helping gain points in the teachers v students battle! After lots of hard work from lots of the teachers, we are now in the lead! You can see the scores, as of this morning, below. I have also added a picture of my TTR avatar. See if you can beat my score on the leader board!


Having read some of your character descriptions yesterday, I am already looking forward to reading the stories you will be writing next week. I was really impressed with some of the vocabulary choices and description included in some of your writing. Here is a great character description written by one of you yesterday!

I am really impressed that some of you have already completed some of your Topic work. I saw a fantastic poster about coastal erosion and was sent a brilliant powerpoint all about Queen Elizabeth II! I will share these on the blog tomorrow so keep an eye out!

I hope you have a lovely day and look forward to seeing your home learning from today!

Miss Harris

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