Tate’s story

Hi Einstein.

Tate wrote this story in the first week of home learning – isn’t it great? I think it makes fantastic reading and the description really pulls me into the story and I can see and hear everything which is happening. Well done, Tate.

Ms James


Julius- A Forgotten Hero

In the dry mountains of Chile, there was a young boy with a withered leg and his name was Julius . Only a few months ago when winter brought its fair droppings on the decor of the snow laden ground . On this morning, Julius was walking in the crooked Elderwood. Whilst he was being pelted by the snow, one of the mystical trees flailed it’s arms toward Julius. In its rage, it gripped his leg making the blood deteriorate out of it . The skin started to shrivel trying to cope until with a final tug, he was free.


In the present day , he was being shoved by two guards into the mines –because he was very strong even though he had a withered leg- but in the end he couldn’t bare it and had to give up. He was shoved deeper into the cave but again his life would change for the worst…


The church bell made a screeching ring like never before, as people rushed into the town. Creating a mosaic of devastation, an ice monster tore the city down as easily as you would tear one sheet of paper. The monster sparked flames in the town centre. One thing was true, once this monster had finished, it would be the era of Armageddon.


A few days later, the scenario was, if you had enough money for a weapon or knight school you might survive. But Julius only had 15 Dankov (their currency) and you needed 150 Dankov for a weapon and 220 Dankov for knight school. Since he was an excellent thief, he would be able stash about twelve swords. When he was able to occupy a sword, he would see an old friend where he would hope to find the winter beast, The Elderwood…..


When he reached his past enemy, he saw his new one in front of him and in its eyes it was saying welcome to the end. He said in a mumbled voice “my past is nothing to me.” He swung past the creatures head then clambered on its back continuously stabbing. He saw it’s white blood hurl out, he nearly slipped off its hairy back because of the creatures constant flailing, but when the sweat dripped off his head and having blood shot eyes, he plunged his blade into its head and it collapsed to the ground.


Sadly we have to stop here because no one knows what happened next but one thing is for sur, he was a HERO.

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