So much to do!

Good morning Wiggins and Robinson Class! I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some of the glorious sunshine.

I have added lots more lessons and activities to your class notebook for you to enjoy. Take a look at my puzzle for you! I have taken some photographs of things around school and want you to work out where they are. Some are trickier than others! There is a video from Mrs Rosevear of her sharing a story with you from her garden too which you will enjoy. Remember to send me some jokes so I can add them to the “Challenges” tab in you notebook, I will think of some more to share with you today. What else have we got? Oh yes, a new staff video! Pop to the section called “Wonderful You” to find the latest staff video!

Maths this week is focused around Number bonds, we have a new reading text and are learning more from Sidney Spider in English. So much to do!

Have a lovely day. I am looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing what you have spent your day doing later.

Mrs Haigh


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