Wonderful week ahead..

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some fun activities with your families. Welcome to the next week of your home learning – I am very excited to see what you complete and I am still really proud of all the effort you are putting in!

Did you see the special video made by everyone here at SDS? We are missing you all and wanted to say a big hello!

What a wonderful weekend it has been. What is your weekend news?  At home, we have been enjoying planting seeds and seedlings, and watching them grow. I have had a little helper to make sure they are being watered regularly! We have planted, basil, tomatoes and strawberries. Are you growing anything at home? Or do you have any beautiful flowers you would like to share with Mrs Chamberlain and I? With your parents help you could take a photograph and send it for us to see.

On our daily walk we have loved looking at all of the wonderful art work in the windows. This weeks theme is … smiley faces. What will you create to make people smile on their daily walks?

Have a great Monday!
Miss Twigg

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