Year 1: Paddington: Weekend News

Good morning Paddington class, happy Monday!


If we were at school we would start with a quick spelling test. Here are some words that you might like to work on at home- Mr, Mrs, could, looked, asked, house.

After the spelling test we would sit in a circle and share our weekend news in order to develop our speaking and listening skills.

At the weekend, I discovered Disney+ and have since watched my favourite Disney films Pocohontas and Mulan. After that, I facetimed Mrs Skuse and Miss Banks for a good catch up. We were all sitting out in the sun and had a lovely chat. Finally, I went riding on my horse Basil. He was very good as we passed a motorbike, tractor, lots of cyclists and even another horse on the rode.

What did you do at the weekend? Remember you can email me with your weekend news and any learning you have completed from the onenote. I love receiving your emails and seeing the things you have been doing at home.


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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