Art and Craft – I Need a Hug


This week’s art activity involves painting a ‘hug’ to be sent to a friend or family member.

Click on this link to a sway where you can watch a video clip of me reading a book called I Need a Hug by Suzie Linn with my children, they were very keen to join in again and are missing all their friends at school. Please make a note in the comment below if you have any stories you would like to see us read.

You can make a hug to send to a friend or family member.

  1. Lay down on a large piece of paper (wrapping paper or smaller paper taped together would work) spreading out our arms wide.
  2. Ask someone else to draw around you.
  3. Paint the picture that has been drawn of you.
  4. Add the words to the poem if you would like to:

I miss you when your’re far away,

I’d love to see you every day,

But since I can’t come over to play,

I’m sending you a hug today,

So although it may be quite a sight,

Wrap my arms around you tight!

Repeat daily to keep your smile bright,

Until we get to reunite!

5. Put it in an envelope and post it to a friend of family member that you are missing.

Have fun,

Mrs Egan

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