Lennon-McCartney – Wet Wednesday!

Good morning everyone! It’s looking like it might be another wet day today but I’m sure you will be able to find some more fun things to do indoors, just like we would do at school during wet playtime! In today’s online tasks, you are going to be completing some inferences questions in Reading, looking at more balancing calculations in Maths and starting to plan your story in Writing. You may want to look back through your work from last week to help you with ideas for planning your story. As we would usually have a teacher model plan in school, I have added one of these onto today’s page so that you can see what I am planning. I am very excited to see all your creative and imaginative ideas!

There is also another Class Reader video today for you to watch – I hope you have been enjoying these and managing to keep up! Remember you can watch any of the videos on the OneNote page, so you can catch up if you’ve missed any.

Finally, here are a few piece of work that have been emailed to me or uploaded to One Note that I have been really impressed with this week:

Max’s bee:


Lola’s English comparing defeat the monster tales:


Mark’s History:


Amelie’s Maths showing all the different methods she used:

Keep up the hard work and have a great day!

Miss Vokes

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