Mozart – Good Morning Wednesday

Hello everyone, I hope you are all ok.

Today is looking like it might be another rainy day – where has the nice weather gone?! Yesterday, I started to play a game of Monopoly instead of going for my daily walk to avoid going out in the wet weather. I say started, because the game still isn’t finished yet! We will continue the game later today – I will let you know if I win tomorrow! What fun things have you been doing while the weather has been wet and rainy? There are lots of fun ideas on the OneNote for you to have a look at for some inspiration. Today could be the perfect day to complete one of your topic based activities too. Have any of you create a mini-beast from recycled materials yet? If you do, make sure you upload a picture onto the OneNote or e-mail them to me – I’d love to see your creations!

I hope you all have a lovely day!

Miss Harris

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