What will today bring?

Good morning!

This morning I hardly dare to breathe when I opened my curtains, keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine. Phew! Luckily the rain has eased and some blue sky has returned. I hope you all manage to get outside for a while today and enjoy the outdoors. Having some fresh air makes me feel better than always being inside. Try this today – go outside and take the deepest breaths you can. Fill your lungs with clean, cool air, it can really wake you up!

I hope you all managed to take up my Kindness Challenge yesterday. I heard from Grace who made a rainbow for her elderly neighbours which was very lovely, I am sure that made them feel special. Alex has helped his dad to cut the grass which I was very impressed with. What did everyone else manage to fit in?

It still feels unusual that we are not together, so today, I would like you to think of your friends and family members who you are not spending time with at the moment. Can you send them a message or a picture or card to remind them that you are thinking of them? If you want me share them on our Class notebook, please send them to me. I will add a page in our “Wonderful You” section for any that you would like me share. Don’t forget to share a hug with the family you do have at home. Mrs Egan has made a sway about needing a hug which I’ve added to our notebook. Take a look, there is a lovely activity for you to do at the end.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Mrs Haigh

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