Songs and Poems

Hello everyone,

Wow, it’s been another very busy week and I have been so impressed with the work that your teachers have shared with me and the work I have seen on your Onenotes. In particular, the two pieces below caught my eye. First, the lyrics to a song written by a boy in Year 4, who also added it to music. I think the words can resonate with all of us-


Woke up this morning and I rolled down the stairs.

Looking around, nothing has changed.

Social distancing is blowing my mind!

Feel upside down and travelling through time.

You won’t get me down.

I don’t feel down today.

This lockdown holds me back, but never gives me a frown.

I’ll never feel down, you won’t get me down.

I don’t feel down today.

Secondly, this poem written by a girl in Year 5. The task was to write a poem about all of the things you would rather do than get on the wrong side of your teacher, This one made me giggle!!! 🙂

I Would Rather….

Eat a bowl of broccoli mixed with bugs,

And sit in a bath of slugs.

Tidy my room,

And send all of my teddies to the moon.

Go to bed at 6 o’clock,

Or smell one of my Daddy’s football socks.

Have my hair cut short,

Or even kiss a witch with a gigantic wart.

Empty the dishwasher every day for a year.

Maybe even drink a gallon of beer.

I would even rather change my name from Emily,

Than get on the wrong side of Mrs Fennelly!!!


Well done for another fabulous week everyone, have a lovely weekend and take care. I look forward to chatting next week.

Mrs Fennelly 🙂

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