Reception – Today we’re going to be learning about the street parties held in 1945 for the VE Day celebrations.

Hello Reception!

Looking at yesterday’s learning on Tapestry, it looks like you have all learnt lots of information about what VE Day is. Today, we have lots more exciting learning to do, including watching a video clip of a 1945 street party, looking at an old black and white photo too and then using these to write about the street party celebrations. So, please log in to Tapestry for today’s tasks and the team lookforward to seeing all of your work as it comes in throughout the day.

We have also uploaded new reading books, so don’t forget to read the book from your colour band. Yet again, it is great to see that lots more children have finished their colour band tricky words and have moved onto the next ones. We have seen lots of videos, over the last week, of children reading at home and the Reception team have been able to give advice about whether or not children are ready to move onto the next level of reading books and offer next steps to work on at home. Please remember that we have uploaded all of the colour band words / 100 High Frequency Word list / next 200 High Frequency Word list / Phase booklets as resources on Tapestry for you to use when your child is ready to move on. It’s great for us to see the fantastic progress that the children are making, whilst working at home, so thank you all for all your hard work!

Have a good day,

The Reception Team


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