Smile Everyone!

Good morning Wiggins and Robinson Class. I hope you are all well and enjoying the return of the sunny weather. Whilst playing a family board game last night, the idea of this blog came to me. Today I would like you to think about the importance of smiling. It sounds a bit silly, but if you think about it, smiling is contagious. If someone smiles at you, more often than not, you smile back! So, today I challenge you again! How many times can you make someone smile today? I am going to try this too. Some ideas I thought of are as follows:

  • Tell someone a joke, remember there are some on our class notebook.
  • Say something nice to someone, pay them a compliment.
  • Tell someone that you love them, this is an instant winner for a smile!
  • Surprise someone with a random act of kindness.
  • Ask a parent to take some silly photos of you together

These may be strange times but we can still make everyday special and everyday count.

Go on! Try to make someone’s day!


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