Happy Bank Holiday

Happy Bank Holiday and VE Day Celebrations!

I am looking forward to the sunny weather and just need some barbeque coals, barbeque food, trampoline and teddies set up in the garden – then my children and I shall have a lovely weekend.

I hope you enjoy the weather and time with your families as well.

Jack’s mum has sent me through some fabulous information about Borrow Box – a great resource set up by the library. You can log on either through the app or the website and, using your library card, borrow e-books online for free. How amazing – I’ve certainly added that to my to-do list!

Thank you for your continued commitment to your online learning. It is a privilege to mark your hard work and see the effort you are putting in. Please continue to email me when you need any help or support – or just to say hello!

Have a great weekend – and don’t forget to check out our new video!

Ms James

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