Good Morning Lennon-McCartney!

Good morning everyone! I have been so impressed with all of your brilliant home learning so far this week – I am glad you are all enjoying our new alien topic in writing. I have also enjoyed looking some of your self-portraits for Art, seeing what you have learned about Henry VIII and finding out how yoga makes you feel. Lots of you said it makes you feel calm, relaxed and happy which is great to hear! I have been doing some yoga at home as well as some other indoor workouts and enjoying my walks outside too. I hope you are all managing to keep active as this is great for keeping your brain happy. I found this really nice picture which helps show how keeping healthy can keep us happy.

Have you been doing anything else that makes you happy? What other activities have you been enjoying over the last few weeks? Send me an email if you would like to share what you have been doing. I have already seen people baking, cycling, painting and lots more!

Have a great day today!
Miss Vokes

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