My Daily Walk

Hello everyone,

Wow- your Onenotes and learning are looking really fabulous this week. It is so lovely to see all of the work you have been completing and I’m so proud, that after all these weeks, you are still as committed as ever to your learning. You’re superstars!!

I’ve just finished my tea (chicken, sticky rice and mushrooms) and have tidied away the plates and dishes (not my favourite part, so luckily my daughters have helped) and now we’re off for our daily walk. We were so surprised yesterday when we saw that the geese, in the pond at our local park, had had goslings (baby geese). We stood for a long time transfixed on watching them swim behind their parents and it was really funny to watch a couple of naughty goslings swim away from the family group. Luckily, mum was fully aware and encouraged the little ones back to the group.

I hope we can see them again this evening.

I wonder if you have goslings, ducklings or signets in a park close to you?

Good night everyone and I look forward to chatting to you tomorrow.

Mrs Fennelly

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