Good morning Ennis!

It’s Friday!

This week has gone really quickly and yet again you’ve impressed me with your fantastic home learning!

I’ve really enjoyed seeing your baking videos and pictures from your English work yesterday – you were really busy and it looks like it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately Miss Gedney cannot bake as well as you, so I’m feeling a bit jealous that you got to eat everything you made!

Here’s a few pictures of your baking. Yum!

It’s nearly the weekend and it looks like the sun will be shining this week and it’ll get even hotter next week.

Woohoo - it's the weekend! -

Get ready to look out on Monday for Mrs Wood’s High Frequency Quiz on our Spelling pages on OneNote! She’ll be quizzing you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with some of your spelling words. I’m sure you’ll look forward to that.

Next week you’ll be looking at time in Maths so this weekend, have a practise and see if you can remember how to tell the time, starting with the hour hand but then challenging yourself to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. Here’s a game for you to practise. 

I will be spending the day on Zoom tomorrow on a virtual course but I’m looking forward to getting some fresh air on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday I’ll be doing another family quiz and hopefully finish the book that I am reading.

Have a great weekend Ennis Class, I look forward to sharing some more of your fabulous work next week! Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Miss Gedney

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