Year 2: Mrs Wood and Mrs Walker’s Challenges!

Good morning Year 2 and welcome to a new week! The sun is shining and it looks like it’s going to be a fabulous day.

I have something really exciting to share with you this morning, Mrs Wood and Mrs Walker have been working hard to come up with some exciting new challenges for you to enjoy because they both miss you very much.

Mrs Wood has set you a fun High Frequency Word Quiz for Spelling. Here is Monday’s quiz below. Can you unscramble the anagrams to reveal the word from the Year 2 list? You can put your answers in the comments below or send them to Miss McGarrity or myself and we’ll pass these on to Mrs Wood for you.

Quick 200 High Frequency Word Quiz!

1) Have a look at the scrambled word (anagram).

2) Move the letters around to find the real word.

3) You can use the clue to help, some are easier than others!

4) Write down your answer.


Here’s an example!

Scrambled word Clue Answer
 n a m Older than a boy. man


Have a go!  See how many you can do.


Today’s words:

Scrambled Word Clue Answer
d  b  e You sleep in this.  
l  o  d  c The opposite of hot.  
o  w  H …. are you today?  
n  r  a The past tense of run.  
s  t  p  l  a  n They grow in your garden.  
n  a  t  h The ruler is longer ….. the pencil.  


Mrs Walker is very creative and loves photography and art, so she has set you an art challenge. It is a three step process to practise your drawing skills.

Step 1 is to Observe something, it could be in your garden, then when you’ve found something, e.g. a flower, take a picture of it.

Step 2 is to recreate. As you can see in the image below, Mrs Walker has recreated that image through drawing.

Step 3 is to imagine. Using your imagination, you can finish your picture by adding lots of detail. These details don’t have to come directly from the image that you take so use your imagination to add details. As you can see, Mrs Walker has added musical notes.

We’d love you to have a go at this art project. Please send your 3 step drawings to your teacher and again we’ll share them with Mrs Walker.


Have a great day Year 2!

Miss Gedney


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