Lennon-McCartney – Describing a new planet!

Good morning Lennon-McCartney! Well done for all of your hard work yesterday, I really enjoyed seeing your growth mindset at work with the missing numbers in Maths, your reading skills helping you order the events and also your creative sentences about the alien’s trip to planet Zargon 10. Today, in writing, you are going to be describing a new planet for the alien to visit. Make sure you use lots of effective adjectives so that I can visualise your planet in my head! Here are some pictures of planets to help you think about what features could be in your design. They are also on your One Note page:

There is also a new Class Reader video on the One Note today – we have added today’s as a Loom video like the ones you have been using for Reading. Please email me if you can’t get the link to work though!

Have a wonderful day!

Miss Vokes

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