Year 1: Paddington: Smile Challenge

Good morning Paddington Class.

I have been enjoying the sunshine from working at home and realised how much happier I am when the sun is shining.

I have made a list of 7 things to make me smile challenge.

  1. Spend time outside. (I have been taking my dog for a walk and riding my horse as much as I can.)
  2. Have an early night. (I keep watching Disney+ instead of sleeping so I need to do this more.)
  3. Make some art. (I am going to do some colouring because I find this very relaxing. I have received some emails with pictures you have made which makes me very smiley.)
  4. Listen to music. (I have been missing the radio in my car so I have made an effort to listen to it more in the house.)
  5. Clean my bedroom. (Uhh oh I really need to do this and I know it will make me smile once it’s clean hehehe.)
  6. Ring a friend. (I have been ringing lots of my friends to have a catch up which always makes me smile.)
  7. Get crafting. (I have seen some of the great things Mrs Egan has put on our one note and I am going to make one of them.)

The biggest thing that is making me smile in lockdown is seeing all of your faces and work through my emails so please keep them coming.


















Let me know if you do any of the 7 things to make you smile challenge or if you think of any of your own.


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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