Year 1- Miss Morrison’s Allotment Part 2

Hello Year 1

What a lovely week we have had with lots of lovely sunshine. What have you been up to?

Tilly and I decided we would have a nice walk to the allotment together to make sure we get our daily exercise.

Today I am looking at thinning out my leek seedlings which means removing some of the plants that are growing too close together. Its time for them to be planted in the ground. Did you know it takes about 6 to 7 months for the leeks to grow from seed to harvest?






While I am busy doing that Tilly has decided to make a mud potion with her hands, I wondered why she had gone so quiet, YUCK!








Did you Know

That leeks are related to the onion family.

They have a mild onion like taste.

They are very easy to grow.


Joke Time

What vegetable should never be in a boat?

A Leek

What Vegetable do plumbers hate?

A Leek


Have you ever tried Leek? I love leek, especially when it’s been cooked in a chicken pie.

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