The Ickabog by JK Rowling

For all JK Rowling fans, here is a link to a  new story written by JK Rowling. It’s called The Ickabog and it was written quite a few years ago by JK Rowling for her young children. JK Rowling put the story up into her attic whilst she became busy with other things. Recently, she remembered it again and thought that children should be able to read the story. So, the story will be published chapter by chapter over the next 7 weeks, on the website below for you to enjoy.

In addition there’s something very exciting! JK Rowling is asking that children illustrate the story and some of those pieces of artwork will be used in the printed versions of the book, later in the year. So, take a look at the website, enjoy the story and have a go at illustrating.

Take a look at the story here-

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