Year 1- Welcome back and a big hello from all of your teachers!


Hello Year 1!

We hope you have all had a great holiday, spending time with your families and staying safe.  As teachers, we always love the first day back from a half term to see you and hear all about your wonderful holiday news.

A message from Miss Leatherland…..

During the holidays I have been going on lots of long walks in the countryside with my dog. It has been very warm when I have been going out for my walks, so I have made sure I have been wearing suntan lotion!  I’ve really enjoyed riding my horse, Basil and have been up-cycling some of my furniture, painting it with new colours.  I have been chatting with my family and friends using face time and especially enjoyed receiving lots of video calls on my birthday. I celebrated my birthday with my family and ate lots of yummy cake!!


A message from Mrs Chamberlain…

Wow, hasn’t it been warm the past week! I have really been enjoying the outdoors and playing in the garden. We have spent a lot of time in the garden, so we have started to re-design a new garden plan. This is very exciting!  What do you think my little girl would like in the garden? a slide.. swing… sandpit?  We have also been on lots of long walks and picnics at the park and I have been running 3 times a week.


A message from Miss Twigg..

I love the sunshine, so have really enjoyed being outdoors with my little boy. We have had lots of fun playing in the paddling pool, unfortunately for me… my little boy has figured out how to squirt the hose pipe! We had great fun having a big water fight!  We have also enjoyed countryside walks and have enjoyed spotting the different animals on the walk.  We have seen: cows, sheep, horse, rabbits, hares, deer and lots of different types of birds.  Both Mrs Chamberlain and I, are growing sunflowers to see who can grow the tallest!


Leave a comment, we would love to hear your holiday news.


The Year 1 Team. 

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