Sports- Virtual School Games

Each week, there will be a set of three sporting challenges announced for children, teachers and parents to try both schools and at home. All activities have been designed so that no specialist equipment is needed and you can take part using only things you can find around your house.

There are weekly coaching videos to help and support you to improve your personal best in the challenges as well as launching a number of printable puzzles, quizzes and problem solving activities for you to try during the week.


Follow this link to find the challenges:

We are currently on Week 5 Cricket Skills however you can always try all the other challenges, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Athletics, Boccia and Goalball.


Click on the link below and scroll down to find the Challenge Log where you can record your scores.

Remember children can post more than 1 set of scores, each time they submit a score that is another Virtual School Games point for our school.


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