Good morning Year 2!

Where has the sunshine gone? I think I might have to do a sun dance to bring it back because I don’t like the grey weather that I can see today.

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It seems like such a long time ago that I wrote a blog post for you and that’s because Miss McGarrity has been holding the Year 2 fort as I’ve been back to school with Reception. I’ve had a lovely three days at school and Miss McGarrity has told me how brilliant your home learning has been. She says that you’ve all been working hard and have earned lots of dojos! I can’t wait to see your work today and tomorrow.

Last week was half term and I loved the hot weather! I spent lots of time outside, going for long walks, having picnics and running. What did you get up to in your half term? I hope you managed to enjoy the sunshine too.

I hope you’re enjoying our new class readers. Murray Class have started Kid Normal and Ennis class are enjoying The Abominables. These are both great books and I can’t wait to find out what happens next. If you haven’t started reading these yet, you can find them on the Ennis Class Read and Murray Class Reader tabs on the OneNote.

The Abominables: Eva Ibbotson, Sharon Rentta: Books

Kid Normal: Kid Normal 1: James, Greg, Smith, Chris ...

Both Miss McGarrity and I will film a video for you over the next few days to say hello. Look out for them on the Ennis and Murray Class tabs on the OneNote.

Have a lovely day

Miss Gedney

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