It’s Friday!

Calling all superheroes from Gruffalo class! You must be tired after three days in school and this your second day of Home Learning, but keep going it’s nearly the weekend.

Looking at yesterday’s learning on Tapestry, it was great to see so many bright and colourful examples of the comic style pop art callouts. We have lots more exciting superhero learning to do today, including writing about two new superhero characters, so please log in to Tapestry for today’s tasks and we look forward to seeing all of your work as it comes in throughout the day.

We have also uploaded some new reading books, so don’t forget to read the book from your colour band and learn your tricky words.

In maths today we will be continuing with superhero word problems, so read them carefully and choose the important information that you will need to remember to solve the problem. You may want to use objects to work it out or you could draw your own jottings to show how you worked out the problem.

Have a SUPER day,

The Reception Team


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