Year 1 First week back

Good morning Year 1, it is Miss Leatherland here and I have had a fantastic week back with some members of Paddington Class. We have had a lot of fun and it has been wonderful to have a giggle back together. Here are some of the things we have been up to…….


In English we have been recapping the correct punctuation in sentences by writing about pirates. We have been describing what they look like and wrote a variety of setting descriptions. We then recapped the spelling of the days of the week and wrote sentences about what we would like to do on each day, remembering that cheeky capital letter for a name.














In Maths, we have been looking at securing our understanding on place value. The children identified how many tens and units were in a number and then compared numbers by describing their place value. In PHSE we have been thinking about who is in our family and how all families are different.









In Reading we have been decoding words and then reading a non-fiction text about Honeybees. We have loved looking at how these bees impact on the world and how they use pollen to make honey. We have done lots of creative activities like making masks and creating ourselves on paper people. We loved being back in forest school particularly as it is very overgrown up there. Hide and seek was fantastic with all of the new hiding places however I did almost get stuck hiding behind a tree!! In PE we played lots of racing games and then had a go at shooting balls through the hoops.


































We have had a lovely first week back and I cannot wait for next week!


Take care and have a lovely weekend


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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