My Adventure by Miss Birch

Hey Robinson and Wiggins!

Let me tell you about an adventure I had yesterday!

And NO! I didn’t fall down a hill!!

After I had finished all my home learning, I went out for a walk, I took my rain coat because it looked like it was going to pour down, luckily it didn’t. I strode over to the woods near us, crossing a field full of beautiful red poppies, they looked like mini soldiers standing to attention.

Next, I walked through the trees looking out for young deer grazing, I think my footsteps were too loud as I didn’t see any this time. The path emerged into a clearing. I strolled down the hill next to the forest and suddenly a movement caught my eye… I turned quickly, something fell from above, a small sparrow flew up into a distant tree, more rustling, looking up searching the treetops finally I spotted it… a squirrel, it scurried away deep within the branches, hidden from view.


Walking on I came to a hedge hiding a dried up brook, the water from the stream had long since gone but the bridge was still there, I carefully crossed, balancing like I was walking on a tightrope.


I walked along enjoying the scenery when something strange caught my eye, walking into the trees to investigate I saw what I thought to be the strangest sight I’ve ever seen. There, in amongst the trees was a… TUMBLE DRYER… Yes, that’s right a tumble dryer! Someone had dumped their rubbish in the woods, SHOCKING!


But that wasn’t it… Oh No! Carrying on past the blackberry plants that were starting to show their fruit, over the stiles to keep the sheep and cattle at bay and past the meadows I ventured back into the woods, imagine my surprise when I came across this….

YES! A CAR. True story. I found a car in the woods. It had been there a while!

What a sight! I wonder how it got there.

Finally, I made it home! What a walk!

Have you ever found something where it shouldn’t have been? What is the most peculiar thing you’ve found out on a walk?

Tell me your adventure stories!

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