Rhubarb Crumble

Good morning Robinson and Wiggins!

On Tuesday we harvested the rhubarb from the school garden,
I used to have crumble all the time when I was your age, we had 3 rhubarb plants in our back garden! I decided it was too good a pudding not to have again!
Here’s how I baked it:

First, boil the rhubarb in a pan.

A spoonful of butter. 2 of flour. And a spoonful of brown sugar.
Next, I mixed the butter and flour together, squishing it together until it looked like breadcrumbs.
Then I stirred in the sugar, I used the brown sugar because I don’t have any white sugar left!
After I put it altogether in a pot, I put it in a hot oven to cook until golden brown. The juices all came bubbling to the top, it smelt delicious, hopefully it will taste just as good as it looks!

Finally, we get to eat it!

Shall I bring it to school to eat?!
What is your favourite pudding? Do you help to cook at home?

Miss Birch

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