Year 2 – Happy Friday!

Hello Year 2!

How did you get on with the code breaking yesterday? Here are the answers for you to check. Well done for having a go!


In other news, here is an amazing picture that Libby sent me of the full moon! I love looking at the moon. There isn’t another full moon until July 5th. The days are getting longer so if you’re allowed to stay up late (don’t tell me!) have a look at the moon and see if you can take a picture like Libby did. We’d love to see it!

I’m not sure if any of you watched the SpaceX launch but this was fantastic. I watched the rocket take off live and couldn’t believe my eyes! Have a look at this from Newsround if you didn’t see if before. Would you like to be an astronaut? Why?

Have a lovely Friday and enjoy a well deserved weekend. Stay safe,

Miss Gedney

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