Hello Year 2!

Good morning Year 2!

I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. I am so happy that the sun is back! Fingers crossed that the sun keeps it’s hat on for the rest of the week.

During Lockdown, especially when it is sunny, I have been going for walks and it has been really lovely to take a moment and really appreciate the nature and wildlife that I am surrounded by. When I went for a walk with my Mum on Saturday, we were taking the time to stand and stare at the beauty surrounding us and my Mum shared this poem with me. She said that she learnt it when she was younger and she still remembered the words which I was extremely impressed by! I really enjoyed my Mum sharing it with me. I thought it was a perfect way to summarise how during Lockdown, I really have taken the time to appreciate the nature and wildlife all around the areas close to where I live.

Have you taken the time to stand and stare at what surrounds you on your walks?

Have a great day!

Miss McGarrity

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