Sports – Virtual School Games Week 8 -Tennis

Hi Everyone


Well done to everyone who joined in with Basketball Week last week, In total, there were over 1500 participants joining in and logging over 7500 CHALLENGES!

Thank you for those of who  joined in – don’t forget to download your Virtual School Games Basketball Certificate at ;


The sport for week 8 of the Virtual School Games is Tennis. Although there will be no Wimbledon this year, you can still bring the speed and excitement of tennis into your house or school with our 3 tennis challenges. Our challenges will test your serving, ball control & rallying skills, so grab a ball and a partner and let tennis week commence!

Remember, the challenges are for EVERYONE. No matter your age or ability we would like you to all have a go. Don’t be afraid to adapt the challenges to suit the equipment you have at home, or for the ages or abilities of those wishing to participate. Give it a try, see what you can do, and remember you are only trying to beat your own personal best!

Don’t forget to log your results to add as many points to our school total.

Enjoy and have an active time!

Miss B

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