Year 1: Paddington Class Update

Good morning Year 1, hasn’t it been a wonderful week with the sunshine. I am always so much happier when the sun is shining but always remind myself to put on lots of suncream and wear a hat.

We have had another lovely week in Paddington Class with Ms Morrison. In Maths we have been recalling our number bond facts to 10. We began recapping the facts and then applied what we have learnt into a range of questions. We even completed balanced equations thinking about how equal means the same as. For example 6+4=7+3. We know that 6+4 is 10, equal means the same so 7+3 also equals 10.

In English we have learnt about spiders this week, much to Ms Morrisons disgust!! We read a story about a spider called Sydney who spun golden webs. We then wrote facts about spiders which was great fun!!

In topic we looked at water safety. We learnt about where on a beach it was safe to go into the sea and to always look out for the lifeguards flags. We thought about being safe around a pool and how if someone was in danger we can alert a grown up and throw in something that floats to help them. We spoke in detail about how we should never go into the water to help them and to let a grown up do this. We then looked at how you can be safe around water. For example not to ride your bike close to the edge of a canal or when playing football check you won’t run backwards into a river.

In PHSE we looked at the things that make us happy. We had a long discussion about what happiness looks like and what makes us happy. We then thought about how we can help others to feel happy. The children created their own happiness pages, it was a lot of fun.



















Ms Morrison and I have had a lovely week with you all and are looking forward to next week.


Take care and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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