Hello Week

Hello everyone,

How was your weekend? My family and I ventured to the village of Harploe on Sunday to pick fresh strawberries at the farm and we planned to take them home to eat with meringue and ice cream. What a treat that would have been! Unfortunately when we arrived at the farm there was a large sign saying “Sorry, All Picked Out!” šŸ™‚ Instead we ate the meringue and ice cream without the berries! Fingers crossed for more strawberries very soon at the farm! Have you ever been strawberry picking before?

Today was another brilliant day at school- great learning in the building and great learning at home too. Well done for getting going for the week ahead. I was so impressed to see so many photographs of your Great Big Sleepovers and if you still want to take part, that’s fine, choose a day and a place that suits you.

Don’t forget that it’s the Virtual Sports Day this week and you can take part, completing the tasks that Ms Bland has planned, on any day of the week. Good luck and get moving to collect your house points!

Take care and we’ll chat again tomorrow.

Mrs Fennelly


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