Year 5 Dyson – Reading Comprehension

Hello Dyson class,

I have noticed in some of your reading answers that you have not used ‘APE’. Let’s remind ourselves of what this is:

A – Answer

P – Prove it (find evidence from the text)

E – Explain

Here is a WAGOLL answer from Oliver from today’s reading task. Well done Oliver, he has used APE!

What are the birds and animals running from?

I predict that the animals are running from the Governor and the ravens because the animals are scared of them. ‘They say the day the Governor arrived, the ravens did too. All the smaller birds flew backwards into the sea, and that is why there are no songbirds on Joya. Only huge, ragged ravens’ makes me think this.

What will happen to Isabella?

I think Isabella will go into the room where they plan, talked and ate and have her porridge as the text says ‘The smell of burnt porridge hung on the air.’ and ‘into the main room where we ate, talked and planned adventures. She then might also go to school as the text says ‘I pulled on my school dress.’ and ‘I quickly braided my unbrushed hair and hoped Da wouldn’t notice I hadn’t untangled it all summer. Pep was rolling on the bed but I wasn’t allowed to stroke him with my uniform on. My teacher, Señora Feliz, was always picking ginger hairs off my dress with irritated fingers.

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