Year 3 Poems

Hello Everyone,

I really enjoyed reading all your metaphor poems yesterday thank you for sharing these! I thought it would be nice to share them with you all too!


Mrs Phelps πŸ™‚

‘You are’

You are a book with a very exciting stories,

You are a colourful sticker on my wall ,

You are a map with a lot of wonderful places ,

You are a famous violin in a concert hall,

You are a cute voice of a nice purring cat,

You are my funny choice from my lovely hats,

You are a petal of a blooming , scarlet rose,

You are the most pleasant smell which can feel my nose ,

You are a proud lion , a fastest cheetah ,

You are a beautiful sunrise ,

You are the most delicious pizza .

Dasha Year 3



You are a cuddly teddy bear sitting on my bed.

You are a refreshing, cold shower after long football match in the hot day.

You are a happiness after scoring goal.

You are a sadness after missing to score.

You are a scrumptious chocolate ice cream to refresh me after the match.

You are a smell of sweet and salty popcorn in the cinema.

You are a fast cheetah running to score a goal.

You are a grey elephant spraying water on the football pitch.

You are a tall tree next to football ground swinging in the wind.

You are flower blossoming in the middle of football pitch.

You are a sound of rain drops falling on football hut.

You are a sound of wind blowing through football pitch.

You are a sound of people shouting around the pitch.

You are a sound of joy as the ball goes in the net.

Lukas – year 3


You are


You are a fluffy bed and relax full pillow

You are a puppy sleeping after a walk

You are a bear biting his mischievous teeth

You are an astronaut going to space

You are an chocolate with two different flavours

You are pile of pigs in a muddle

You are beaming star sleeping on the clouds

You are a brave knight fighting the king

You are squeak of a kettle needing some hot water

You are the moment after anger

You are the worker butterfly hovering outside the flower

You are a rabbit looking for food

You are a scratching your back on a log

You are anger spun into a sigh

You are the anger of never again

You are the needle sting of a nasty lie

By Natali


You are a shining mirror everyday

A pretty bird that sing in the morning

You are delicate like a purple butterfly,

And sweet like a cup of hot chocolate

You are a precious necklace

Or a window that once opened

Will emanate the flower’s perfume

You are a fluffy cat that always want to play

A shining star, a summer breeze, or simply

My best friend forever!


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