Good morning Year 3.

Good morning Year 3.

Surprise!  It is Mrs Rosevear!  I thought I would like to say hello to you today. 😀

I was so happy to see the sun this morning- it really makes me feel happy.  I was hoping it would still be nice and warm when I got home so that I could go for a walk.  I think I may have to put my coat on and brave the rain though.  Either way, I think I will try to get outside for a bit. How will you spend some time outside today, I wonder?

It has been so long since I have seen you and I am missing you loads.  The year 3 classrooms are so empty without you in there.  Still, I am glad that you are all busy doing your school work at home and trying your best. It really cheers me up to see all your work and the great things you are doing at home.

I know you are all keen to be back in school and I know your teachers are missing you terribly.  They talk to me often about the things you have been doing and how they are proud of everything you do.  I want you to know that I am very proud too.

I found a poem which reminded me of all of you:

Your Best

If you always try your best

Then you’ll never have to wonder

About what you could have done

If you’d summoned all your thunder.


And if your best

Was not as good

As you had hoped it would be,

You still could say,

‘I gave today

All that I had in me’.


Have a lovely day and remember to try your best- whatever you are doing.
Mrs Rosevear😀

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