Picnic Fun

Yesterday the children thoroughly enjoyed their picnic and the weather was kind to us which was a bonus! There were plenty of sausage rolls, biscuits, cakes, chicken and breadsticks, along with croutons which seem to be a favourite with the children in the Wiggins bubble. It has to be said that the karaoke went down very well, when the children could get the microphone off myself and Miss Birch! If you thought your children were the shy and retiring type, you could not be more wrong! I think we will be seeing some of them on the stage in the future!

Mrs Lockey taught Jessica a line dancing routine to entertain us at one point and she learned it so quickly, I had to sit down in shame as I just couldn’t get it right!

They really loved spending time with their friends from the other class and were very good at remembering social distancing. What a delight it was to see them having fun outside together. Unfortunately, although I was asked about five times, we won’t be able to do it every day!

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