Digital Leaders – Coding Competition

Hello Digital Leaders. Here is an exciting, coding competition that you might be interested in.

RS Components has partnered up with Golden Wonder and VEX Robotics to launch an exciting new online coding challenge!

Link to Competition

The Challenge

Using either Scratch Blocks or Python, you are tasked to write code to make the virtual robots deliver ingredients to the production line in the simulated Golden Wonder Crisps factory.

The virtual robot is equipped with various sensors to help it navigate around the factory floor as well as being able to collect and release the various containers for the ingredients.

There are tow task to complete and you can download them from the link above.

The Scenario

The virtual Golden Wonder factory has three production lines ā€“ red, green and blue which each manufacture a different snack product.

The ingredients used in each snack are stored in a warehouse in red, green and blue containers. The containers of ingredients are delivered to the production line using an autonomous warehouse robot. Your job as the robot programmer is to is to program the warehouse robot to deliver the correct ingredients to the correct production line.

Prizes to be won!

Winners will receive a ā€“ VEX Robotics Off-road Truck
This remote controlled vehicle kit is assembled from over 820 parts and once complete, can be controlled using the VEX Pilot app.

Each runner-up will receive a – VEX Robotics Gear Racer
Use this kit to experiment with how different gear ratios affect the speed and acceleration of a rubber band powered car


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