Hello Year 2!

Good morning Year 2! It’s another wet day outside. I wonder if you are going to go and jump in any puddles this morning?

Hopefully today will be the last wet day, then we can start looking forward to our picnic again next week!

Today in English you should be boxing up your new innovation on the Traction Man story. You’ve got mine as an example and then you can have a go at yours. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here are some examples of your designs for Traction Man’s new outfits.

Bethany has been working hard on Tablesmaster, practising her 3x table. Well done Bethany! Don’t forget to play online too, to improve your score and get better at your times tables.

For your maths task today you are investigating odd and even numbers and in reading you are answering some questions about Room on the Broom.

Have a great day Year 2.

Miss Gedney

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