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Hello Everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a great day, even though some of you may not have enjoyed the weather today! I wanted to find out some facts about the honey bee this evening and came across these interesting facts about minibeasts. I found them on the National Geographic for Kids website.

Take a look at the website, there are lots of fun facts and challenges for you to take part in-

1) A ladybird might eat more than 5,000 insects in its lifetime.

2) Fruit flies were the first living creatures to be sent into space.

3) Dragonflies have been on earth for 300 million years!

4) A bee’s wings beat 190 times a second, that’s 11,400 times a minute.

5) The stag beetle is the largest species of insect to be found in the UK.

6) Caterpillars have 12 eyes!

7) One dung beetle can drag 1,141 times its weight – that’s like a human pulling six double-decker buses!

8) A single honeybee colony can produce around 100kg of honey each year – that’s 220 jars!

9) An ant-eating assassin bug piles its victims onto its body to scare predators.

10) Large groups of fireflies sometimes flash in unison.

Take care, fingers crossed for sunshine and we’ll chat again tomorrow.

Mrs Fennelly



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