Year 3

Hello Everyone,

One more day to go and I thought I would share some of the wonderful work from this week! I am so pleased to see so many of you persevering with your learning – well done! It has been a pleasure to look through your home learning over the last few months and to see all your photos of your learning and hear about how you have been keeping busy at home! We will miss hearing from you all but we wish you all a safe, fun and restful summer holiday and look forward to seeing all your smiles again in September!


Mrs Phelps x


Here are some great sentences about unicorns from yesterday:

Dragon Unicorn

He has a lime-green coat, a tail like an anchor, and big, strong , armour wings that help him fly like a dragon, that’s why he is called Dragon Unicorn.


Fish Unicorn

He has a rusty-orange spots on his skin, a tail like a fish and  a mane that seems to help him swim.


Ice Unicorn

He has a clear-blue appearance, his horn is like an icicle and a wings that seems to help him to cover himself against of cold and snow.


Skeleton Unicorn

He has murky-black body, a tail like a stacked snowballs and head with bright blue glow around it, that seems to keep him warm and protected.


Yellow-Spot Unicorn

He has fluorescent-yellow body with black spots, his mane is like field full of growing wheat and hooves that seems to help him dig.




1.The Fire Unicorn has a rusty-orange coat , a mane like a creamy, and a flaming horn that seems a fire which burns non-stop.

2.The Rainbow unicorn has a  colorfully –rainbow  coat, a mane like a beautiful flowers, and a sun- yellow horn that shines brightly.

3.The Blood Unicorn has a bright-red coat, a  mane  like a watermelon, and the sharp horn that seem a big needle.



Unicorn 9

It has wings like the northern lights, sea-blue hooves and its colours seems to camouflage into the night.


Unicorn 12

It is shiny-silver, its horn is hidden in his mane like a squirrel in a tree and it seems to never poke out.


Unicorn 16

It has jet-black feathers that seem to hide in dark places like a bat.


Unicorn 15

Its feathers looks as sharp as blades that seems to cut through the air like a sharp axe and it is red-brown with yellow twinkles.


Unicorn 13

It has blue-green cracks like a colourful meteor that seems to poison everything touches it.


And here are some photos of work too, a variety of English, Maths and Reading…enjoy! The names of all your mythical beasts were so creative!

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