Welcome to our new Reception children

Yesterday, we welcomed the first 24 Reception children into school. They have settled beautifully and we are having a great time exploring the setting and learning all about our school. As a Reception teacher I always love this time of the year, getting to know the children and their families. Today the children have been working hard on their name writing, learning the letter order and how to write them. It made me reflect on how far the children all progress during the Reception year, from entering where we focus on name writing, letter formation through to learning phonics and reading and writing simple words, followed by sentences. Then by the end of the year many of the children leave the Reception setting being able to write stories like the one pictured. Amazing progress and perfect job satisfaction!

We are looking forward to welcoming the rest of the children into school over the next couple of weeks as we start this amazing journey. The Reception team are looking forward to another fantastic year. 😀

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