Year 4 Lennon-McCartney – Science experiment!

This afternoon we completed a whole class Science experiment where we had to test whether temperature affects the rate of evaporation! Firstly, we had to set up a fair test. We used 3 containers of the same water, started at the same temperature and started the timer at the same time. Our containers were a kettle of water, a plate of water being heated by a candle and a bowl of water left at room temperature. We then made a prediction as to what we thought might happen using our scientific knowledge of evaporation.
Finally, we measured how long it took for each container of water to evaporate. Our findings were – the kettle took 2 minutes 17 seconds, the water over the candle got hot but didn’t evaporate (even after 60 minutes!) and the bowl at room temperature is still waiting! We are excited to watch and see if anything changes with our bowl at room temperature over the next few days.

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