Dahl- Our first strings lesson!

Today we had our first strings lesson with NMPAT! We have started to learn about violins and cellos and even managed to play a high note and a low note. We enjoyed doing the exercises with music to warm up our muscles ready for the lesson. We found out about the different parts of the instruments and what they do, how to open and close our violin case and how to pluck a note!

Can you remember the name of each part of the violin and cello?

We were so excited to open the case to see our instruments for the first time! We carefully unzipped the case to see our violins. We undid the strap and looked carefully to recognise the parts of the violin on our own instruments.

We recognised the 2 strings that made the highest and lowest notes. Can you remember what strings they were?

The children enjoyed plucking the highest and lowest strings and we made a fantastic sound!

After plucking the strings to play a high and low note, it was time to safely pack our instruments away.

We all had a fantastic time and we can’t wait to see the progress made in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated!

Well done Dahl class!

Mr Howley

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