Reception reflection on “What did you do today?”

Reception have been incredibly busy as always. I was just on an Early Year Foundation Stage forum talking to other EY professionals, when a teacher shared this poem. As a parent myself, this really struck a chord. Why is it that when we ask the question of “What did you do today?” We get the response of “Nothing.” (That is until lights out at bedtime, then suddenly both of my children miraculously remember their entire day and both need to talk through each moment.)

That made me think about how lucky we are in Reception. Through the fabulous resource of Tapestry, we are able to share so many learning experiences with our parents and likewise the parents are able to share magic moments with us too. Already we’ve seen the smile of a boy who has perfected riding his bike without stabilisers. Another child has shared his fantastic imagination in a verbal story that his mum passed onto us – we can’t wait to harness this imagination in his role play, drama, art and writing skills. A few children have followed up our phonics sessions – we shared what sounds we’d taught and the children took this learning home and found items beginning with those sounds and uploaded photos. We’ve seen pictures, models, weekend walks and one of my favourites – getting to see a video of one of our children ‘reading’ his very first reading book at home, using great early reading skills of telling the story using picture cues. Fab!

If you’re one of our Reception parents reading this, if you haven’t already verified your Tapestry account, please speak to a member of the team if you’re having trouble with it. It really is a fantastic resource and a great conversation starter with your Reception child. You’ll also see that “Nothing” is always so much more.

See you all in the morning to start another busy and exciting day. 😀


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