Year 5 – Key Skills 2.10.2020

This week, our key skills have been set on Teams in Office 365. Log in to your Office 365 account, then click on the ‘Teams’ icon. You will have the option to select your class (Dyson or Einstein). Then you will be taken to your class ‘Team’ area. After that, you should see a message about the Key Skills for 2.10.2020. Click on this and it will take you to your Key skills task to complete online. Here is the task just in case!

Key Skills – Friday 2nd October

Due in: Wednesday 7th October

Dojos will be awarded for completed Key Skills.

  1. Read at least 3 times this week and record it in your diary.
  2. Practice your times tables using ‘Hit the Button’, or ‘Times Table Rock Stars’. Try to visit the Garage at least 10 times.
  3. Practice your spellings from the list below. We expect you to learn all of the spellings from the All column. If you would like to challenge yourself, try learning the spellings from the Most column in addition.
All Most











English Task:

We have been learning about expanded noun phrases this week. This is where we have a noun that is described by two adjectives.

E.g. Tom shuffled into the gleaming, red phone box.

Create 4 sentences of your own with an expanded noun phrase using the picture below for inspiration.

Maths Task:  this week we are asking you to practice all of the skills we have worked on so far, work through these questions and write your answers next to them.

-3 – 4 =

-2 + 7 =

6 – 13 =

  • Write < or > to make these statements correct :

-7            4

-5           -9

  • Round 845,327
      1. To the nearest hundred thousand –
      2. To the nearest thousand –
      3. To the nearest ten –
      1. What is the value of each of these digits in 4, 215, 367?
      1. 4
      2. 2
      3. 5
  • Write out in numbers:
      1. Four hundred and forty thousand, five hundred and sixty-three.
      2. Nine hundred and seven thousand, two hundred and forty-four.
  • Put the numbers below in order from smallest to largest:

22,100                  22, 567                           23,176                        22, 504

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