Year 4 – 100 Books!

This week we are sending children home with a copy of one of the books from our 15 book list in Year 4. The children will also receive a paper copy of the book list to keep track of their reading.

We have some brilliant books on our list and hopefully you will enjoy reading them all. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our first Class Reader so you can already tick one off when we have finished reading!
When you have read each book, please tick it off on your sheet and bring it back in to school on the same day that you change your stage reading book. Then we can issue the book to someone else and hopefully allow everyone chance to read all the books!

By the end of the week, you should all have a copy of the book list but here is a copy just in case you need one:

This year there will be new certificates and rewards for reading your 15 books. If you read 5 books, you will receive a Bronze certificate. If you read 10 books, you will receive a Silver certificate. And if you read all 15 books from the list, you will receive a special Gold star reader badge that you can wear on your school jumper! This is really exciting and we hope to see lots of children wearing those badges throughout the year.

Happy Reading!!
Miss Vokes and Miss Harris

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