Portable Paradise Year 6

This week, Year 6 started the new English unit which is based around the poem ‘Portable Paradise’.  We started to explore what the concept of paradise means and where our personal paradise would be. The common agreement has been that it is not about hot, sandy beaches (appealing thought that seems at the moment) but more about memories, safety and places that are special to us.  We have started to collect vocabulary that ‘earns its place’ in our writing because of its suitability for the task as well as the wow factor!  We have looked at a range of precious objects and written descriptions of them.  Here are just a couple of the many outstanding examples from today.

A picture holds a sacred memory of: the salty breeze; warm hands embracing and bonds that will never break, united together; a wash of light-blue spread across the sky; priceless moods will linger there forever. The wind whistled wildly nipping at their rosy cheeks. Heart-warming memories were made that day.

A pearl necklace engraved with memories, passed from generation to generation. The box- once a bright red, now a dark maroon- with the pearls sleeping inside upon a bed of light pink velvet, as if in a dark sleep. The leather box, scarred with sacred memories, wishing to be told.

We are looking forward to continuing to explore poetry over the next fortnight.

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