Reception have been learning the skills needed to be true artists

In Reception we have introduced the children to the process of becoming an artist. The children have been taught how to set up their painting work area. (See the photo). The water pot is at the top, next comes the powder paints in separate pots, then comes the palette to mix the paints in. Finally, to the left of the equipment is the paper if the child is right handed or it is to the right of the equipment if a child is left handed.

The children were taught the names of the equipment and were introduced to the paint brush who they must treat as their ‘best friend’. The children thought it was funny when I said that we wouldn’t leave our best friends upside down in water, so we are not allowed to do that to our paintbrush either as it damages the hair / bristles.

We also learnt that when we are artists we do not wear aprons. That is because artists focus carefully on their work and do not get paint up the paintbrush, on their clothes, hands or floor.

We have been learning how to use the tools appropriately to mix the paint. This is a very important skill for artists as it’s very difficult to mix powder paint with water to get the right consistency (like creamy yoghurt). (This is an important skill that the children will use further up the school when they use water colours).

First we mixed two separate primary colours and used them to paint sections of a rectangle. We then practised our colour mixing to make a secondary colour and mixed two different tones to complete the other two areas of the rectangle.

Lots of great concentration, whilst having fun and learning important skills. Well done Reception, another fantastic achievement! 🎨


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